Anonymous asked: I really thought those Madoka gifs going around were by you. Do you know which ones I'm talking about, and how do you feel about it?

i know which ones you’re talking about, i love them! i’m gonna address this simply because my inbox has been flooded with people saying that gaulllimaufry janked my style which i think is both mean and untrue. ok although the eye thing is kind of my jam, it’s not like i have the monopoly on spooky blinky gifs or scratchy lineart! i can somewhat sort of see the similarities but everyone is inspired by everyone and my personal feelings on the matter are just love for the gifs and JEALOUSY because ahhh why didn’t i think of doing them. but seriously it’s not like they were traced off my drawings or anything, people need to chill 

ps i really really appreciate that people look out for me! but don’t set artists on other artists unnecessarily :’(